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About Priority Health

Priority Health is a Michigan-based health plan that helps people get the right care at the right time, in the right place. Their plans rate amongst the highest in the nation for prevention of illnesses, treatment of conditions and member satisfaction. That's because Priority Health was created by doctors. They are driven by the desire to take care of people -- families, neighbors, and members. They rate the quality of primary care doctors to assure customers visibility into their own care. And they are in the top 10 plans in the nation for health outcomes because they look into nonsurgical alternatives to eliminate unnecessary procedures. Priority Health is trailblazing new ways to catch warning signs and risks of serious health problems before they occur. Improving the health and lives of our neighbors in Michigan is a healthier approach to health care. Priority Health is proof of it.

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People have great things to say about HealthMarkets
Our HealthMarkets agent was excellent. She explained our Medicare choices and followed up at every level.
Leon – La Jolla, CA
People have great things to say about HealthMarkets
So happy to have been presented with affordable medical insurance that fits my needs.
Kathy – Oak Hills, CA

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